Wednesday, June 28, 2017


New Fence

The latest project we have started has been inspired by this guy:

Walter is extremely slow moving, but he puts his nose to the ground and wanders. So we need to fence our backyard. Thankfully, our backyard is already fenced on three sides thanks to our neighbors. All that is required is to close it off. In the picture below, you can see how our house is positioned on our lot. The red lines are the sections of fence that we will add.

The fence design will be 6" round posts pounded in to the ground, a 2x4" mesh woven wire stretched across the posts, and some flat rails added to dress it up a bit.

Current Status

This past week we had a fencing company come and pound posts in for us. It took them about three hours to sink in 14 or so posts. The recommendation fro them was the pounding these things straight into the ground is a lot stronger than digger and setting in concrete.

I also picked up the three gates we are going to use:
- 4 foot gate on the north side to walk through
- 6 foot gate on the south side for walking through and for the lawn mower to fit through
- 12 foot gate on the south side for the camper, boat, and any other large vehicle or equipment we need to get through to the back yard.

We also purchased the lumber to do the rails. 
- 2x8x8 (5) and 2x8x10 (4) for the top cap
- 2x4x8 (10) and 2x4x10 (17) for the front rails

Next Steps

Up next is to stain the posts, install the cap boards between the posts, stretch the wire, and install the gates. 

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