Monday, February 25, 2013

Moonlight Session

Sunday marked the end of Henry's first season of lessons at Moonlight Basin. He has 12 or 13 ski days in on the year, and the lessons have really helped become a very capable skier. For this last one, they set up a course and had the kids ski through it. Henry took one practice run through and nailed it. When it came time for the big show he, again, nailed it... but in a slightly more comical way. Either way, the kid is a champ. He earned his graduation cup cake and we took him up on Six Shooter after lunch to ski with the dude. Audrey played in the lodge as usual. Grandma Pam came up on the bus and took care of Audrey while Stephanie and I went and skied 8" of fresh powder on the Headwaters.

Back on track!

Big Finish!

Audrey is his biggest fan

Out for some fresh snow cruisin' at Moonlight Basin

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