Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Fall

The holiday season is upon us. While that means a lot of cooking for Stephanie, a lot of cleaning for the both of us, it means that for me, individually, it is time for me to post some photos that are long over due and clear out my backlog.

The last post on this blog was Henry at the hay maze just ahead of Halloween. This post has him in his costume (Audrey escaped the lens on this day) among some other of him out doing what he does: exploring and asking questions.

The fire ban in Gallatin county didn't lift until almost the end of October. This left us with a short window to have a few bonfires in the back yard before the snow came. Fortunately, snow doesn't slow us down in Montana. Here, snow inspires us to get out and do things.

In Audrey news we can report that she is still super darn cute and has begun to eat. From the beginning of the week we had about a 20% hit rate for food staying in her mouth. Today we are at about 80%. Either way, with somewhere between 20-80% of her food ending up on her face, she is a gooey mess at the table; a gooey, happy, smiley mess.

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