Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 6

Henry and I are back in Montana.  It was tough to leave Steph and Audrey behind, but necessary to make the best out of the situation.  Audrey hasn't had to put the Anderson tube (the one that went into her mouth and down into her stomach) back in, and she has completely off of oxygen.  She got to get some breast milk and boy oh boy was she happy about that.  Unfortunately, that stuff seems to be very addicting, and Steph reported tonight that Audrey was pretty upset that she couldn't eat on demand.

I will be back down to see them on Sunday.

- No more oxygen
- No more Anderson tube
- Upgraded to a crib!
- Upgraded to clothes!
- Loving the milk she is getting
- She pooped!

Photo dump

Crib time!

Papa Frost with little Audrey

Happy girl

Getting the good stuff

 Henry pushing out his belly while enjoying a post-poop snickers bar

Family as you normally see it (Dan behind the camera, everyone looking good)

Henry holding her hand

At home: flowering crab apple trees and a well maintained lawn.  Not bad at all

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