Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 2 in SLC

We are now about 29 hours post-op and Audrey is doing really well.  Here a few of the little victories we have had.
- She is breathing on her own!  (no more huge breathing tube down her throat)  Now that this is out of her throat, every now and then we get to hear her faint little cry.
- Her chest tube is sort of doing its job and should be out soon.  Audrey is scheduled for another chest X-ray this afternoon.  As soon as the chest tube is out, Audrey will be in less pain AND we will actually get to HOLD HER!
- The IV in her hand is out.  This is great because it looked horrible and it is one less thing to make her uncomfortable.
- She has been peeing on a regular basis and they took her catheter out.

Now for some pics

With breathing tube

Without breathing tube, yay!! I know she still has stuff flowing in to her nose, but it as 25% O2 (normal air is 21% O2)

Steph helping to change the dressing around the central line in her leg

Just resting

Little feet

Lastly, Audrey has another great surprise coming tomorrow - big brother Henry and Grandma Pam are coming to see us!!!!!!  Henry is pretty jazzed up to fly on a big jet plane and to come see his sister.  They will be here until Thursday, at which point I will fly back with them to Bozeman for a few days leaving Steph behind.

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