Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little story from the Frost House

A while back, Henry took a strong liking to the original animated movie Peter Pan. Recently, Stephanie told me that Henry liked to pretend to be Peter Pan. She mentioned that the two of them were playing and that Henry was Peter Pan and it turned out that Stephanie was Captain Hook.

she said that Henry, ahem, Peter Pan had demanded to Stephanie (Captain Hook) that he wanted his treasure back.

I laughed really really hard about Stephanie, Henry's mom, being Captain Hook as they played.

Well, about a week ago we were playing upstairs and Henry had turned into Peter Pan. I was mounting some towel racks in the bathroom (yes, I am Mr. Handy-Man now) while they played.

So there they were

And Steph

I then asked, "Peter Pan, who am I?"
Henry paused for a moment and announced my character with a big smile.

....I was Smee.

It didn't even take three years of Henry's life for him to equate me to the above photo.

What a funny dude.

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