Friday, January 13, 2012

We are still here

I can't believe this blog hasn't been update for almost two months. How times flies. We have been all over, done everything, had lots of fun, and haven't taken enough photos.

At present, Henry and Steph are sick, so really I should be asleep right now.

Anyways, the pictures

We hosted our first Christmas, and it was great!

We have a new Subaru in the garage (6-speed manual!)

The Suby and the BMW are clearly good friends. And because my Mom hasn't yet seen the new BMW, here it is.

Henry and I built an airplane

We skied at Moonlight and did some slope-side apres-ski hot-tubbing.

We did some pre-dawn snow shoveling

Stephanie and I went to Jackson Hole to ski for our one year anniversary

We have cruised about the neighborhood

And of course we have brushed our teeth and done some coloring

Henry played in the shower

And lastly, that irresistible smile (shot on Kodak Portra400)

Thanks for looking, and for picking back up with our family adventures. I will post sonogram photos next!

1 comment:

Rory said...

1. Jason is looking good in the Santa hat.

2. Already turning Henry into some sort of hipster with the North Stars hat, huh?

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