Monday, December 12, 2011

A few things

Yesterday Henry had his first day up at Big Sky. It was quite the adventure and a very fun one at that. It all started with pulling out a ski magazine in the morning so he had a visual reference in case his memory of skiing was dim. It was not, he knew we all had to put our skis in the car and driving on up to the mountain.

Along the way, the Subaru started to overheat. Totally awesome that it needs head gaskets... So, we made it about half way off the highway up to the village and had to turn around and limp back to the gas station. Fortunately, our good friends Derek and Theresa dropped in about 5 minutes after us. A quick move of the car seat and ski gear, and we were on our way up to the mountain again!

This is where the Suby stayed for the whole day

Henry was really pumped to be up at Big Sky, he likes to move from mountain to mountain and so far Big Sky is the only one that has a fair amount of snow. Riding the magic carpets was also a big attraction for Henry. He thought it was realllllly cool. We ended up doing many many laps on these things.

Soon after, Henry wanted to take a shot at the big mountain and Steph wanted to get Henry on her all time favorite green run: Mr. K. It is so nice riding a high-speed quad, we all enjoyed the quick ride up, then Steph and Henry really ripped it up on the way down.

The Subaru hobbled home without the need to pull over and shut the car down, and we had some great Mexican food to top off the evening.

Another thing worth mentioning is how much Henry loves taking photographs. It started with me snapping a few photos of him in front of the tree, then him wanting me to take pictures of his trucks, to him looking at the pictures on the screen of said trucks. Then he wanted to do it himself. Here is a video of him assuming the role of family photographer, and two of the pictures that HENRY took BY HIMSELF!!!


ron said...

Why is Steph pizza'ing and Henry french frying? Hmm. Well sweet pics as usual. I hate the snow here, if I had mountains around I think I would like the snow more. Happy Holidays.

Dan said...

Hey thanks for the question. We appreciate questions from our reader base, and from time to time we make it a point to answer them.

By and large, this is parenting a nut shell. Pizza when the kids french fry in hopes that they will someday pizza when they know it is the right choice. Just to be clear, later that day Steph french fried the hell out of that mountain and Henry got some ice cream.

ron said...

It was a trick question though. That little patriot was Freedom Frying!!! AWWWWWW YEAAAAAAA!

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