Sunday, June 12, 2011

From a tall dirt pile to a flat one

It has, again, been far too long since I updated. In fact, I have had these photos prepared for the blog for at least a week. As I was editing some shots from today, I made the call to post with what I've got now instead of pushing it off for yet another round of shots.

The dirt pile in the back of our house got pushed around as a 'rough grade.' Unfortunately, it was still wet so the rough grade was very very rough. Even with as bad as it turned out, it is still one step toward having fully landscaped green space around our house in lieu of varying piles of dirt.

We also got gutters. Normally, this would be nice. But I needed one more day of painting trim and the ________ builder (you fill in the blank) pushed it through without so much as asking if we were ready. I will have to take some of them down to paint trim, oh well.

The below pictures were taken on nice days that I wasn't up on a ladder painting. Henry has had some serious fun lately. He really is growing up, speaking in sentences here and there, and learning to enjoy things like sitting out on the front porch with me listening to the thunder from a storm.

Last days of the dirt pile

The necessary tools for the rough grade

And other adventures...

Duck pond

Dinosaur Park

And bath-time fun

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