Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hanging Around the House

Enjoying his morning yogurt with bananas (which he refers to as mananas)

Sitting at the bottom of the stairs after sliding down on his butt

The other thing, which I promise to capture here soon, is that if he needs to be up on our level and see something, he has a little step ladder that he pushes around the house. If Crendle is in his way when he is moving the ladder from location to location he will loudly say "beep beep" to her. For example, tonight while Steph was baking pies Henry would be up by one part of the counter and then want to go check something out somewhere else. He would climb down, and then push his little white ladder somewhere else, hop up, and look. It is so comical that I should probably shoot a little video of it all. I'm quite certain that no matter how cool our future house will be, Henry will hate it if it doesn't come with a step ladder for him.

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