Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dig starts tomorrow!

This is the first time I've ever felt conflicted about weather. Usually once it hits October 1 I want it to snow hard for 6 months. We have had a really mild fall thus far, which is great house building conditions. So yes, I want the snow in the mountains (BBC please?) and the usual sunny/dry stuff in the valley to get this thing up.

More pics to come (apologies, this is from my cell phone)


eganomics said...

oh snips!

Dan said...

Nice Mark, getting ready to enter the world of academic blogs!

ron said...

I hope these comment post times are from staying up all night gaming. Is this the start of the field house for my arrival?! Seriously though I didn't know you were building a house. That is gangster as fuck. I just found a dead mouse (not deadmau5) in my room at my shitty ghetto place! So that shows you the difference of our living situations. Good luck on the dig. Here's hoping you strike oil.

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