Monday, September 13, 2010

18 Months Old

That's right folks, a year and a half.

Recent accomplishments:
-Screwing on and off a cap of a Nalgene bottle.
-Opening the door to the shop.
-Saying "uh-oh."
-Identifying everybody's belly button.
-Getting his own set of golf clubs and hitting the ball in the yard.
-Figuring out how to put the key in the ignition of a car.
-Dribbling a soccer ball.
-Being the coolest dude ever!!!!
-Getting and constantly reading a book entirely on trucks.

Coolest Dude Ever

Snack Time

(Doesn't he look old in this one?!?!?)

Big Smile - Messy Face


Anonymous said...

what an amazing hair cut, who does his hair =)
we love you all and miss you tons!
Tulee, Rouix, Bodhi, and Danielle xoxoxo

Rory said...

Got him driving already, huh? You gonna get the BMW back and give him the Toyota? Haha

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