Monday, August 30, 2010

I promise to pick this blog up. With all the stress of the house stuff and the action of work, I have just flat out given up on the blog to some extent. The big problem is that my camera has been sitting it's bag. That isn't to say Henry isn't doing sweet stuff all the time still. I have just been enjoying the adventure more as a participant and less as a camera man (I won't say photographer, that implies skill and artistry).

Henry has become such a big boy lately. He is pretty goofy too. He knows where his nose is and where his eyes are, etc..., but if you ask him he gets this big grin on his face and will point to my nose, or Steph's nose, and just giggle about it. He also knows where Crendle's nose and ears are. He frequently demands food to feed to Crendle. Given he doesn't really talk yet, we think he is hungry, and then laugh when he immediately gets the food straight to Crendle.

He can dribble a soccer ball pretty wall, and I am trying to encourage him to kick the ball around whenever he can.

Sorry for the poor vid quality on the first vid, but it's clear: he can dribble, and it is sweet.

Henry is pretty into my guitar playing as well. He takes the pick out of my hand, strums along for a while, and then drops the pick inside of the guitar. He will usually jam other things in the guitar too. He giggles like a mad man when I hold the guitar above my head and angrily shake out whatever he has jammed inside.

The other thing, which I need to capture on camera, is that he walks over to one of Crendle's beds, throws him arms in the air, goes stiff as a board and topples over onto the bed like a tree would fall in the foods. It is a fun thing to watch.

Cheers everyone.

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lydia said...

these videos crack me up. "oh maaaaannnn..." classic dan.

he's quite good at dribbling in the first video.

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