Monday, June 21, 2010

No Photo Update

I feel terrible that this blog has not received more attention. I truthfully have not even been shooting photos for myself the last few weeks. Therefore, perhaps a text update with suffice.

Henry is now 15 months, 22lbs, and 30 some inches tall. He is an extremely busy guy and seems to never have time to lounge around between pushing boxes around the house, chasing Crendle, hitting things with a hammer, pulling weeds out of the garden, exploring the cars, reading books, and throwing whatever he can get his hands on. Yesterday we took him to the Dino Park and he did the 'big boy' slides on his own for the first time. Steph was quite nervous because these slides are noticeably bigger and faster than the little toddler slides that Henry had just learned on two weeks ago. Henry flew down the first one into Steph's arms, his reaction was to immediately run over and begin to climb back up to the top again. He seems to be quite the thrill seeker.

Henry also walked Peet's hill yesterday. For a guy with little legs, he has a lot of stamina and energy. He pushed his stroller most of the way too.

My job is going well, and we are beginning to look around at houses in Bozeman. There still is a Minnesota trip post coming up, but it is realistically a week away.

Until then, take care.

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