Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well this past week has had its ups and downs. I got hit with food poisoning and was thoroughly taken out for the end of the week and on top of that I had a big exam on Thursday. Both totally sucked. My health came back around today and we all went for a hike up to the bench in Triple Tree. It was, somehow, 43 degrees and snowing. Yesterday and the day before were in the 60s and gorgeous. Here and there today the sun would pop through and the temp would hit the high 50s and then dive bomb back down into the 40s. I truthfully love the weather here, I love how it never settles and that it hangs on to the good parts of winter while letting the good parts of summer peak through.

The hike up

A quick story. On the way up we were pausing to throw a stick for Crendle, during this pause I mayyy have farted. Then Henry may have started laughing really hard at his Dad's awesome fart. Fact or fiction, you be the judge!

One last pick of the little dude playing on the deck, he loves being outside more than he loves a lot of things.

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