Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Mark it down on the calendar, actually, don't worry about it, I'm sure in about a week they will scrap all of the 2011 and beyond calendars and reprint them featuring this new official holiday of Henry Learns to Walk!!! He has been doing so great walking along side of us while holding his finger, and tonight up at my Aunt and Uncle's house he got the nerve up to take off. His steps aren't wobbly or unsure, they are quite confident and precise for a one year old. It is very apparent that he really tuned up his footwork while holding on, and then once he had it all together he took off. Our minds are blown and our faces hurt from smiling tonight. Expect many pictures of the little man tearing around the house in the days to come. He walked at about 7:00pm and by 8:30 he was running, turning around, and chasing Crendle.

Also, not to be overlooked, we took him skiing again last week and he had a ton of fun.

The photos

The Ride Up

The Ride Down

Apres Ski


Celebrate everyone, celebrate

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lydia said...

the picture of him sitting with the skiis behind him is adorable. I looked through all the Henry skiing pics tongiht and i am so amazed at how such a little guy can ski like that! Its absolutely adorable and I'm afraid he's probably surpassed my skill by now.

(I also thought you taught him to toss a lasso but scrolling back down i realized that it was actually hanging on the wall behind his arm hahah!)

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