Tuesday, February 2, 2010

General Update

Went up XC Skiing with the Parker's and the Story's. It was a good time. Bridger got a ton of snow and I took Henry out there to watch some alpine skiers whiz by, he seemed pretty impressed.

He absolutely loves his walker (I may have mentioned this already) and continues to do laps back and forth in whichever room he and his walker are both in. Hard to believe that he will be a year old in just over a month. He is pointing to things frequently now. He is very curious about things on the ceiling and has identified the fan on command a couple of times (i.e. we say fan, he points to it). If only he could master sleeping through the night seven days a week.

School is cranking up and Stephanie and I are both super busy with homework among other things.

As previously mentioned, I had some decent light the other day to take a few photos of Henry.

Playing with the walker

Henry thanks YOU for reading the blog today!

1 comment:

ron said...

With the look on his face in that last picture I think he wants me to pull his finger... :-P Love the pics

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