Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today we all played with Henry around the house. He has really come alive in the past few days. He talks nonstop, walks/runs attached to our finger nonstop, and as of yesterday officially loves his walker that he got for Christmas from my Mom. I will post some videos soon of him in action. I can't say it enough how much fun it is each and every day with Henry. One thing that comes to mind when I think about kids Henry's age is how much he cries. When he gets upset he just cries and cries. But the complement to that thought is that I cannot think of any adult that laughs as much as he does. Henry goes from being, momentarily, the saddest boy on the planet (such as after dropping his mop or being pulled away from a running faucet) to being the happiest, jolliest person ever to have lived. The great thing is that his belly laugh is contagious and he always brightens our day with it.

I got a lot of great photos today and have just started to work through them. I also figured that it just wouldn't be a complete blog post without some sort of picture, so I will post a teaser below.

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