Tuesday, December 8, 2009

9 months!

Henry turned 9 months yesterday. He is alive, well, happy, and perpetually curious. His growth has slowed relative to the doctor's charts. He is now below average for things such as height and weight. Oh well, we always knew he wouldn't fit just anyone's standard and he remains in the uncontested 100th percentile for cuteness.

It is very hard to believe that nine months have come and gone. It feels like Henry both just arrived yet has always been here. To think he came home and didn't open his eyes for days but now has such a bold, complex, and goofy personality is even harder to imagine. It just feels like he has always been such a vivid character in our lives (not to mention the big blue eyes and of all things reddish/blond hair?!?)

This blog has been a joy to keep up and it has been rewarding to both reflect on and to know that people can enjoy it from where ever they are in the world. It has pushed us to get out of the house, to get goofy with Henry, and to document his many firsts. It has also pushed me to develop my photography work-flow in order to keep the masses (particularly my Mom and Dad) happy and up to date with Henry's life.

Henry's big warm smile and goofy little grins sure can take the bite out of the bitter cold of a Montana December (currently -20 degrees).

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Rory said...

Are you sure you know what percentile means?

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