Monday, November 23, 2009

More skiing this past weekend, with Winter in full swing the weather has been wonderful to enjoy. The bike trailer with the ski kit is proving to be extremely useful and a great way for me to get my outdoor fix while including the rest of the fam. This time we were up in Hyalite again on the History Rock trail. It is definitely a place I will have to come back and explore again and perhaps pursue some more serious photographic goals.

Henry is still sorting out how to crawl. He gets his back legs going but his hands don't walk out like he wants them to. It has been very exciting to see some progress on this front.

Henry also babbles a lot now. He gets in these moods where he just has so much to proclaim, and proclaim it he does. He also makes a sound and takes his fingers up and down across his lips to make that sort of lip-babbling sound. He doesn't do it on command, but the other day he was rolling all over the floor and every time he landed on his back he would pause and do the lip-babbling thing for a few seconds then continue rolling.

Here are the pics, enjoy.

Steph and Henry going up (you can see Henry in the chariot if you look closely)

Steph and Henry coming down

The whole group

Me and the big guy

Steph and the chunky man

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie you are the most beautiful girl I know, I will always stand by that
Love Nelly

lydia said...

that skiing thing is awesome!

the picture of dad and son is adorable, he's got a cute little smile in the picture.

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