Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Midterms are done for now which means a blog update is due. This is a big one in two ways, one because it has been a while, and two because we now have VIDEO!!!! That's right folks, I will now be posting short video clips of Henry being himself (a goof) to add some life to the blog.

Henry is doing well. He is not yet crawling, but seems poised to do something big here in the next few weeks. He is now 7 months (and change) old and is still super cute. Halloween should be epic this year, mums the word on Henry's plans but I can promise some great pictures here in the end.

The Pics

Heading up Sypes Canyon

Henry aka Al Borlan sans the beard

The Videos

This is an oldy but a goody, Henry giggling while Steph's kisses his fat little neck.

New floors are being installed in Steph's house and Henry has taken the opportunity to cruise around in his little car. His latest craze is to chase this roll of tape. The best part is that once he gets too close to it he can't see it and he gets such a curious look on his face.

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