Monday, May 11, 2009

So many pictures!

Well school is finally over and my undergraduate career complete. It was as messy as a week of finals can get. The weekend was taken to the next level by the graduation ceremony, visiting family, and Stephanie's first Mother's Day. I am currently writing this post from Edina, Minnesota. I am here for my paternal Grandfather's funeral. Anywho, I have a ton of pictures for this post. It is an attempt to rekindle the readership, and to update a so far thorough blog. Enjoy!

(This was my grad party up at Linda and Ron's house)

Henry met two cute girls at the party! He had a great time with Ella (left) and Jaeda (right)!

(Thats more like it)


(Jaeda and Henry)

(The parents couch)

(Uncle Jason and Henry)

Anyways, then we had all this fanfare

(Blurry, I know, but certainly cute)

(Everyone on the couch)

(And finally, that BIG smile!!)


lydia said...


i love the pictures of the little ones together. they look all about the same age (and all equally unaware of why they were propped up for a photo session hahah)

Tom said...

so, is that bizarro montana Andy in the cubs hat? sure looks like it to me

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