Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter weekend has been a lively one so far. Steph's sister was in town (along with her wild but lovable Chesapeake Bay retrievers). Yesterday we all went on a walk that turned out to be rather eventful. The excitement came when Rouix found a ball. He decided that the most fun that could be had after finding a ball was to take the ball and run through the mud. All the dogs, except Quincy, had to be washed thereafter (though we are certain that Quincy wishes he was among the dogs needing a wash). We also went bowling later in the day and Henry got a strike that he dedicated to his sister Crendle.

Today, being Easter, Henry and I decided to really put on a show. Pictures to follow.

(All of us out on the walk)

(Steph pushing Henry up a gigantic hill, what a work out)

(Rouix flying through the mud)

(Crendle getting washed up)

(Poor Rouix getting washed)

(Henry's bowling skills)

(Henry and I in our Easter duds)

(It's Mr. Henry James, the serious little boy)

(And finally, Steph showing off our awesome new Beco Baby Carrier)

Thanks for following along and Happy Easter.

1 comment:

lydia said...

That is the cutest possible picture of you two! I love the shirts. (Are you sharing socks too hahah? The missing one is a cute touch!)

Hah, just through this one post it looks like he´s picked up hiking, bowling, and canine-lover genes.

Happy Easter to the 3 of you!

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