Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Photos, naturally

Not too much to update, oddly enough. Henry got out on walk today is in his Moby wrap. I, however, could not attend due to school. He got out yesterday for the first time since he was brought home from the birth center. He went to the Natural Baby store, he slept through the whole thing so all in all I would say it was a good experience for everyone. Also yesterday, Henry got his footprints stamped out officially, and the birth certificate will be finalized next week I believe. Here are some photos from our adventures.

(Crendle saying hello in the morning)

(Crennys really wanted the apple with peanut butter)

(Henry getting some sun)

(Big feet for a little boy)

(Big feet in action!)

(The result)

(My baby holding skills have improved)

(And finally, his MC Hammer pants)


lydia said...

Hehe, cute, he has really long toes! the photo of henry and dan is cute.
seriously, what a well behaved dog, a baby and food and he seems no more than totally calm haha.

i like his face in the little hat in the mchammer pants photo. :)

jjb said...

Great pictures and congratulations again to both of you, he looks great.

I'm expecting pics of Henry on Schlasman's before the season's end.

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