Friday, March 20, 2009

Hyalite With Henry

Today we took Henry up to Grotto Falls in Hyalite Canyon. It was a beautiful day, and was about 40 degrees even up in the canyon. This post will be heavy with picture's of Henry and his gorgeous Mom. Also, poor Henry has a bad bout of baby acne. Supposedly it is just his oil glands developing, and consequently we are going to push back our photo-shoot for next week until his face clears up. It should only be a couple weeks.

(Henry and his Mom)

(The snowy hill in the background is really Grotto Falls)

(Henry and his Mom, part 2)

(Blue skies and a snowy canyon)

(And finally, poor Henry's baby acne. The word is still out on his eye color)

1 comment:

lydia said...

I like the pictures of Stephanie and Henry in the sling like baby carrier. Its cute how he looks all curled up in there.

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