Sunday, March 22, 2009

Few pictures today. Henry got a bath this morning after peeing and pooping on himself and Steph. He is doing really well so far. Sleeping a little bit more, spitting up a little bit less. His acne is even on the mend. On the marking the end of his second week, he successfully peed in his new toilet. It was probably a fluke, but we are kind of pumped about potty training him super early. Some technique called Elimination Communication. A couple people we've run across who have done this have amazing stories. One 8 month old will only go to the bathroom on a toilet, and a one year old that asks to use the restroom when she has to go. Simple amazing, and with the amount of DHA Steph took during pregnancy we assume Henry has the mental capacity to develop these skills early as well.

Of note, my next week/weekend will be a wild one in terms of school. That said, expect the blog post production to grind to a halt. I will say, though, that with my Mom coming into town that when my midterms dry up (next Tuesday) there will probably be a mega-post.

(Crendle giving Henry lots of kisses, I know this picture is blurry but her tongue is covering his face haha)

(Henry on his sweet training potty, he wasn't too happy and peed.... which made us very happy!)

(Another walk up in Eagle Rock. Steph and Henry watch as Crendle leaps into the snow)

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Paige King said...

Crendle licking Henry's priceless and adorable! :) Hopefully week 2 went well, he looks like hes growing already!

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