Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 6

I thought to myself today "I wonder if people are getting tired of these pictures and stories?" I then thought to myself "Of course they aren't, how could they be?!?!" And so we will move forward with more pictures of the awesome adventures of Henry! Today Henry got out on the town again, this time over to Uncle Tim and Aunt Val's house after a nice walk with Crendle and Quincy Jones. We also got a visit from midwife Stacy today, she weighed Henry and great news, he is up to 7lbs 8oz. On to the pictures!

(All geared up and ready for action)

(Super Mom doing it all)

(Uncle Tim and Henry)

(Aunt Val and Henry)

(Stacy weighing Henry. 7lbs 8oz.)

(Recording the weight, Henry thought this was terrible)

(And finally, many thanks to my best friend Mark (and Meaghan I assume) for the awesome Diaper Dude manly diaper bag. I really am the talk of the town now)

1 comment:

Paige King said...

Definately not getting sick of the pictures, its always the highlight of my day! Keep em coming! :)

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