Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 days and gaining weight fast

Hello again, it feels like it has been ages since I have posted here. We do have some updates. Henry went to the birth center today to get weighed, his unofficial weight is now 8lbs 5oz. That means in the past 5 days he has gained 13 ounces. Henry has been out on a few walks, and today we took a walk down Star Ridge road in the sun and snow. He finally has his days and nights sorted out, which is working out great for Steph and I. He has also been spitting up a lot, which will explain why he has a bib on in most pictures. I am on spring break this week and so have been lucky to spend a lot of time with 'the fam.' Photos, as usual.

(Yesterday out on a walk, Henry was in a sling under Steph's jacket)

(Crendle and Riley (a friend) playing on the walk)

(Little hands)

(His awesome outfit today)

(Steph piloting the very advanced BOB Revolution Stroller)

(John Stamos pushing the stroller)

(Henry's attitude at the time is spelled out perfectly on his bib)

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