Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The baby has "dropped." We had an appointment today at the Bozeman Birth Center and the baby is both in the proper position and healthy. "Dropped" means that the uterus could expand no farther up, and that the baby is beginning to settle into a position to be birthed. That said, first time mothers usually have between two and four weeks after the baby has dropped.

We have no new belly photos, but some pictures to share nonetheless. First is a photo of one of the roses I gave Stephanie, the baby, and Crendle for Valentine's Day. We had a print made for the babies room. Rumor has it blooming flowers, or photos of, creates positive imagery for mothers-to-be. The second photo is of Stephanie and one of the many friendly horses up at Eagle Rock.

Stay tuned everyone, our adventure is beginning to get very interesting...

1 comment:

lydia said...

(wow, the last photo on the previous post!!!)

I'm glad everything is going well and I'm really excited for the both of you, I can't wait for when these pictures actually include the little one!

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