Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another belly shot!! For those of you who are regularly following along we (I) will try to post more frequently as we close in on the time of birth. Stephanie is currently in the middle of her 32nd week. She is now up nearly 40lbs from her original weight which by my observation means the baby should weigh around 38lbs, a future Olympic champion we are sure.

Last weekend Stephanie and I went to Pinedale, Wyoming to visit her sister. As it turns out Pinedale has a fantastic swim center. Stephanie's sister Danielle and I took turns pulling Steph and baby around the pool much to Stephanie's pleasure.

The baby has been moving around a lot. Tomorrow Stephanie and I are headed to the Bozeman Birth Center for a routine appointment. We will hopefully determine that the baby is thinking "head down" is the most comfortable position.

Thanks for following along. Stephanie and I are both doing great. We are enjoying our time together, our surroundings, and the experience thus far as a whole. We continue to be grateful for our good fortune and for the wonderful and complete support provided to us by our friends and family.


Danielle said...

Pinedale aquatic center woo woo LOL

Anonymous said...

Congrats Steph & Dan on your beautiful new Henry!!! Love the pics and love the name!! Can't wait to hold him!!!!! ENJOY!!!!
Love to you all, Cathy Carlson

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